Go Local Card Network:

Become a 2014 Go Local Card Partner

Click the image for a printable sign if you have been accepted as a parter.

Welcome to the online application to join the 2014 Go Local Card Network! Thanks for your interest in working with us to promote local business, build community and support urban public schools through the Asheville City Schools Foundation.

We are accepting applications for the 2014 online directory only at this time. By submitting this form, a business is not automatically accepted, but must go through an acceptance process. You will be notified by e-mail within 2 weeks whether your application has been accepted & soon thereafter you will receive a welcome packet with decals for your business.

Participation is free although every participant in the Go Local Card network offers cardholders an exclusive discount or special deal. As a participant, you must honor your offer to cardholders through December 31st, 2014. Note that you will not be automatically included in the 2015 print directory.  You will, however, be one of the first to know when we begin accepting applications for the 2015 print directory (to be published early Dec. 2014).

All businesses that participate in the program must fit the following criteria:
  • Independent and at least 50% owned in Buncombe County, North Carolina with no headquarters outside of NC.
  • Privately held and free to make their own business decisions without the need for approval by owners or affiliates outside of the area.
  • Regionally located and have a limited number of outlets
  • Not registered as a franchise or publicly owned corporation.
If you are ready to apply, please click HERE.

Why become a Go Local Partner?

The Asheville City Schools Foundation knows that a vibrant public school community relies upon a thriving local economy. We want our local businesses to invest in our urban public schools and we want our school community to shift their shopping to our local businesses. We’re interested in a win-win that will ensure that all of us grow and thrive together. Please take the time to learn more about the Asheville City Schools Foundation or e-mail us HERE.