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Behind the Scenes: The Voices of Commerce

While working outside of an old Burlington cotton mill building, I hear the voices trickling down from the many small businesses housed inside the worn, aged and warm brick. The voices are explaining: their product, the year they began their zipline business, who they sell to. The printers, father and son, work side by side designing, screen printing for the many small businesses in the area. One business deals with military forces all over the world supplying dry bags to keep supplies protected from the elements.  While I work on the finishes for the copper garden art we design, create and sell all over the country, I hear these voices, have pride that I work alongside talented entrepreneurs, each one creating a commerce to supply products and services from our small business park to people all over the world.

The voices are all soft spoken, empathetic yet carry an energy and excitement that moves through the bricks of our building.

These voices are heard in the most beautiful city in America. A city popular beyond belief, thrives on the tourist industry and is #1 is so many areas—the arts, beer, adventure, retirement, education. A city known as a great place to live. A city we love to call home. A city never known for the wealth of well paying, professional jobs. A city known for the entrepreneurial spirit, because it is the place to live, to work, to create our own jobs. The city of commerce, created by the individuals that have a voice, that use their voice.



Written by Margy Murphy, Haw Creek Forge Studio

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