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Foxy & Company
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Foxy & Company is a store for fun seekers, creative explorers and the rock star in everyone. In store we carry vintage clothes, jewelry, fun accessories, costumes, wind-up toys, patches and stickers, new and vintage vinyl records, tapes and other music media, musical gear, handmade sound bending gear, pedals, effects boxes like Dr. Scientist, handmade acoustic and electrified instruments, as well as art and oddities. Night shopping and drinking is the way to go!

BPHB is a local tech company housed in Foxy and they can fix your gear or customize your favorite, or least favorite instrument into a brand new weapon of sonic destruction! They also Circuit Bend drum machines and keyboards into fantastic glitch machines, can install effects into your guitars, expand the capabilities of your effects pedals, install video outs into your electronic gear to play images through TV screens, etc.

Foxy & Company lives with our sister company Sly Grog Lounge! A music venue private club and all around fun place to be.  So you can have a drink, play ping pong, video games, board games, play with our toys, read a book from our library, play our vintage organs or the baby grand, hear local and national live music, and go shopping, all at the same time!

For music, events and to check out the scene go to:

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