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Victoria Fann Coaching
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Author of the book, Creative Alchemy: Accessing the Extraordinary Power of the Muse to Transform Your Art & Your Life, I’m a transformational coach that specializes in helping consciously evolving humans design a life that is in full alignment with their most heartfelt values and purpose. My work is embodied, meaning I live the principles I speak about, and they are rooted in a deep personal journey studying with world renowned teachers and over 10,000 hours of inner exploration.

My current work involves inspiring and empowering people to live life on their terms, to follow their hearts and their dreams and open themselves to their highest joy. There is NOTHING more rewarding, more enlivening or more authentic than “doing who you are”! I serve as a guide that helps unblock the pathways of old beliefs and habits and break down the walls of resistance and procrastination until the light breaks through and momentum kicks in. During my twenty-five years as a coach and workshop leader, I’ve worked with hundreds of people facilitating inner transformation as well as the outer manifestation of their highest joy.

The road to inner alchemy is as close as your own breath. All you need is someone to take you there.

It would be my heartfelt pleasure to assist you

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